Our code follows industry best practices

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  • Provide us a detailed description of your project.

    We believe in the fact that every line of code that we write will be read by others, So we try to make our code more and more readable and easily customizable. We hand code every line of HTML & CSS and we focus on delivering well structured & clean markup.

  • Cross Browser Compatibility

    It is mandatory that your site should work flawlessly on all major browsers and for advanced features that are supported by only modern browsers we provide graceful degradation for older browsers. We go through comprehensive testing to deliver only cross browser compatible website.

  • Search Engine Optimized Code

    We write every line of code keeping in mind its semantic aspect. We focus on good use of h1,h2 and h3 tags and we place primary contents over secondary contents. We try to deliver the best possible search engine optimized code, So your website can have good ranking on search engines

  • Load Speed Optimization

    We slice your design to optimized images with focus on quality visuals with minimum file size. We write well structured markup and optimized css using shorthand and css sprites where required. We try to follow the industry best practices to improve the load speed of your site. So, that your visitors can have an awesome user experience.